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Maxime Badeuil started at the age of 15, learning cooking at the Bellevue of Camblanes alongside Noël Baudrand. It was him who gave Maxime his love for the craft, his philosophy of cooking and the desire to excel and always be better than the day before. Maxime keeps this spirit in him since his beginning considers Noël as his mentor today. He then moved into to Biscay High School in Talence, alongside Stéphane Augé and Dominique Sabatie, a year in which Maxime joined the Cap Eden Roc Hotel in Antibes with Lilian Bonnefoi. After his first job in pastry at the Chateau de la Tour in Cadillac near Flavian Valerius, he worked at Les Sources De Caudalie with Nicolas Masse, where he learns of Pastry chefs Alexis Dahai then Aleksandre Oliver. So here he is since November 2015 in the hotel restaurant Claude Darroze, where Jean Charles Darroze allows him to get his first position as Pastry Chef.



Claude Darroze
95 Cours du Général Leclerc
Claude Darroze
33210 LANGON
+33 5 56 63 00 48

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