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We make the best chocolate of Bariloche. Mamuschka was born on July 1, 1989. We decided to make a refined chocolate with creative preparations, focusing exclusively on quality. We made a great effort and we reached a house marzipan as good as the one of Lubeck (Germany), or praline comparable to the best in Europe (according to our customers).

Our foam chocolate caramel creation, the marroc, exuberance nuts, stuffed almonds, house marzipan with amaretto, the famous "Timbal",  lemon foam, cerisette liqueur, and mamuschka chocolates, passion, filled with Johnnie Walker "pure whiskey” liquor, Cointreau liquor cream or Bailey, rival the best chocolates in the world ...

What we want is to offer the best to our customers, based on love and friendship. Both of these good feelings are the meaning or essence of Matryoshkas (Russian dolls) which are therefore part of our logo. In Argentina, many call them "Mamuschka", hence our name.



Mitre 298
8400 San Carlos de Bariloche Arkansas
+54 294 443 5365

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