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Junichi Yamano came in Bordeaux about 10 years ago. After opening and runing the kitchens of Moshi Moshi for 3 years, Jun has also worked with famous Japanese restaurant in Monaco, the Maya Bay. Originally from Japan, this exceptional Chef has joined the team of "Maruya" created by Christopher Zhang and Willy Shi in January 2014. Maruya means "By good," by the person who makes good food ( "Maru" = good). We then talk about a Japanese high quality kitchen, which subtly merges with French cuisine. The products come mainly from a Japanese supplier of Paris. Here novelty is brought on a varied menu of hot california rolls, Japanese dishes that change sushi, maki and traditional yakitori. Needless to say, Jun mastery as specialties such as sushi and sashimi to perfection ; everything is prepared live and on order to preserve the quality of fresh products. A successful blend of tradition and modernity that smells good revisited Japan and just waiting to soon expand its expression using a second establishment. An affordable and personal menu that daily reflects the precise and now renowned cuisine of Chef Junichi Yamano.

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1 Rue Fénelon
+33 9 53 59 99 99

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