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Seasonings, fish cutouts and gestures make all the difference. The slice of fish is not regular, thin on one side thicker onthe other. In the mouth, it is not flat, it frees other sensations. The rice should not be too compressed. A boost on the rice ball after worked and you then feel  every grain of rice ; tasting becomes magical. Each element is controlled and there is obviously not only rice vinegar in the sushi rice. Each Chef has his own grain of salt, his personal touch, which makes his sushi exceptional. Sushi is made to be eaten without sauce.

The author

Junichi Yamano

1 Restaurant
+33 9 53 59 99 99
Junichi Yamano came in Bordeaux about 10 years ago. After opening and runing the kitchens of Moshi Moshi for 3 years, Jun has also worked with famous Japanese restaurant in Monaco, the Maya Bay.

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