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​What is Chefs and Wines ?


Chefs and Wines is the first website to bring together the great family of the gastronomy world. Chefs, Pastry Chefs, craftsmen, winemakers, producers , journalists, bloggers, designers, and of course food lovers, good restaurants and sweet and savory delights : you are approaching this sparkling and greedy world. A good recipe, a good address or a beautiful story? www.chefsandwines.com is a new world which opens up to you . A single space dedicated to discover and share this fantastic culinary world around your and our passion.

How to display my products on www.chefsandwines.com website ?

If you are a producer, winemaker, refiner, distributor or supplier, and your different wines or quality products are used or appreciated by professionals in the catering world present or soon available on our website, you could highlight them on www.chefsandwines.com. Several annual subscriptions are available depending on the number of products to emphasize, according to the validation of Chefs and Wines’ team and of the Chefs or Artisans possibly involved. You can pre-register directly on the website via the section connection, creating a "producer" account then "subscribe". A validation email will be sent after you order an online subscription. You can also write to publicrelations@chefsandwines.com and a sales manager of our team will contact you soon.

How to be part of the website’s Chefs and Craftsmen ?

The Chefs and Artisans present on www.chefsandwines.com are selected by the team of “Chefs and Wine”s and then this great communication tool is freely available for them. These are mainly internal recommendations made by professionals of this world, trustworthy, mostly by the Chefs and Craftsmen already on the website. Our team also regularly visits establishments, restaurants and homes around the world to find and discover the tasty and quality spots. Each Chef and Craftsman present on the website represents at least one establishment ( restaurant, pastryshop, chocolate factory ... - if you are a professional in the food industry but do not representing an establishment , you will have the opportunity to highlight your brand, your skills and experience in the section of "Meet the Experts" through articles and recipes ). If you want to be referenced on www.chefsandwines.com, please send your profile to publicrelations@chefsandwines.com for investigation and validation. We will be happy to offer you a space for professional broadcast. If you consider that an institution fits to the spirit of the website and to our characteristics of excellence, make us know as soon as possible by email to publicrelations@chefsandwines.com .

What is the state of mind of the website and its participants ?

All participants of the website have the same spirit of products’ quality and excellence of the work. Mindful of the transmission professional to professional but also to the general public, they cherish the sharing of knowledge and the art of living in a friendly atmosphere. It is important for us to keep randomness to the appearance of Chefs and Artisans’ profiles to assert some equity among all those professionals who support the same passion.

Can I write articles in “Meet the experts” ?

The experts’ words are mostly daily written by professionals of the food and wine or journalists. Chefs and Artisans can among others participate in these essays. If you want to share an opinion, write on a topic, your work philosophy, an ode to your team, highlight a product, technical or write seasonal recipe, feel free to send us your content by email. We will take care of the publication and possibly the translation. You can also request a chronic, suggest a topic or call our team for a visit by writing to publicrelations@chefsandwines.com.

What are the price categories for the classification of Chefs?

€ / $ : Menus estimated below 40 euros / dollars
€€ / $$: Menus estimates between 40 and 80 euros / dollars 
€€€ / $$$: Menus estimated above 80 euros / dollars

Contact - PR – Suggestions

For any questions and suggestions, you can contact us via suggestion@chefsandwines.com. For public relations, communication and press relations, thank you to write to Audrey Roit via publicrelations@chefsandwines.com.

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