10 Amazing Things You Can Do In Alaska

Tourists should look no further than Alaska for a memorable vacation spot that has something to offer everyone.

Hammer Museum in Haines, Alaska

Tourists should look no further than Alaska for a memorable vacation spot that has something to offer everyone. The state offers the ideal setting for outdoor activities like hiking, backpacking, dog sledding, and fishing due to its massive glaciers, clean lakes, vast mountain ranges, and rich flora and fauna. It can be hard to know where to start with so much to see and do. Here are some of the top Alaska tourist activities for a unique experience.

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10 Visit the first hammer museum in the world

The Hammer Museum is the first hammer museum in the world and is located in Haines. The interesting gallery was established in 2002 and has a sizeable collection of over 2,000 hammers from various trades and eras. Right outside the museum, tourists can take their picture with a huge hammer that is about two stories tall.

  • Price of admission:
    $7 per visitor over 12 years old

9 See the Northern Lights

Tourists can watch one of the world’s most exquisite natural light shows, the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, dancing across the sky in various hues. Although, in theory, the aurora is always present, it is only clearly visible from late August to early April, when the sky is dark enough. Cleary Summit, Chena Hot Springs, and the Murphy Dome are some of the best locations in Fairbanks.

8 Drive through the longest highway tunnel in North America

Connecting the communities of Porter and Whittier, the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel is the longest highway tunnel in North America. It is built under Maynard Mountain and is used by both trains and automobiles traveling in both directions. A sophisticated computer system regulates traffic flow on a regular basis because the tunnel has only one lane. It usually changes direction every 30 minutes. In the event of a crisis, the tunnel also has vehicle return areas with public address systems, shelters and telephones.

  • Long:
    2.5 miles long (4 km)

7 Contemplate Alpenglow at night

The independence that comes with long days in Alaska may be something tourists have never known. Tourists could feel like children again, as if there were no restrictions, with the extended day that comes with the magnificent Midnight Sun and all the new possibilities it brings. The landscape is beautiful, like the pink band of Alpenglow that sometimes encircles the Alps. Many tourists claim that the light helps them rediscover the wonder of life.

6 Experience the Mendenhall Ice Caves

One of the most attractive tourist spots near Juneau, Alaska is the Mendenhall Ice Caves. These are created as the internal ice of the glacier melts, turning its interior into dynamic ice caves. The caverns have a surreal atmosphere because the ice reflects the blue light of the sun, which tourists should experience at least once.

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5 Watch the Tide Bore in Alaska

If tourists like surfing, they should try this! As it happens, Alaska is one of the few places on Earth to see or surf tidal phenomena called rip tides. Alaska is a magnet for new experiences and adventures. Simply put, after a low tide, strong waves of rising ocean water push you inshore toward a river or long, narrow inlet. This is how drilling tides are often generated. The Turnagain Arm of Cook Inlet in Anchorage is one of the best places to witness this in action.

4 Smell the Alaskan Tundra

Alaska’s charm and mystery can be found in the little things, and when tourists take a deep breath, they’ll discover that the tundra is raw but fragrant. Walking, getting off a bus in Denali, or just going off-road are all ways to experience the tundra. Tourists can grasp a small flower in their fingertips upon arrival and envision this fragile creature enduring seven months under several feet of snow and the darkness of a subzero winter.

3 Fly over a mountain range in Alaska

It feels otherworldly to fly over a sea of ​​glaciers, mountains and crevasses. Tourists can see peaks and glacier formations that have never been touched by human feet while relaxing in the warmth and comfort of a plane or helicopter. Although many people believe that they must visit Mount McKinley to experience its full impact, almost any aerial excursion would do.

2 Ride the world’s largest zip line

The exhilarating ZipRider at Icy Strait Point is one of the best ways to see Alaska’s famous natural splendor. Tourists will ride the world’s largest zip line, where they will fly through the air at speeds of up to 60 mph (96.5 km/h) as adventurers soar down the mountain, measuring over 1,300 feet (3,966.2 meters) in length. height and 5,495 feet (1,674.8 meters) in length. Of course, being up high allows people time to take in the surrounding scenery… while screaming at the top of their lungs!

one Visit the world’s largest chocolate waterfall

The readers read it correctly. The world’s largest chocolate waterfall can be found at the Alaska Wild Berry Products facility in Anchorage, which seems to have come out of a sweet tooth’s fantasy. This 1994 creation produces 3,000 pounds (1,360.7 kg) of genuine chocolate every hour, which falls into real copper candy pots and pools at the bottom in a swirling pool of chocolate. As attractive as it may be, tourists are not allowed to consume any of it. Fortunately, there is a candy counter nearby where they can get some great chocolate. They can also visit one of their four kitchens to watch the team at work creating delicious treats.