10 FileCR Alternatives for Windows, Mac, and Android Software

FileCR is software designed to facilitate access to other files for the latest versions. The software provides a friendly interface that allows users to search for files in an organized way. However, you should be aware that FileCR does not host files or any other content, but rather provides an index of files already published on the Internet, just like other search engines. Most FileCR alternatives also work the same way.

Alternatives to FileCR
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FileCR is one of the best websites of its kind, but it can be unreliable at times for one reason or another. At that time, other sites like FileCR come in handy to help users find and organize their files. In addition, the software is supported by a friendly team and moderators who continue to improve it. The reason why FileCR stands out among its peers is because of its user-friendly interface.

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10 FileCR Alternatives

FileCR substitutes need to be scrutinized to separate the legitimate ones from the fake ones that may end up putting your devices and data at risk. According to Alternativeto Net, here are the best websites:


It is one of the best FileCR alternatives. The online platform allows users to track and view the latest software and other technological applications. It has a news section for the huge collection of software, apps, operating systems and other related things. It has also added other different categories of paid and free apps and software in its library.

CNET includes a variety of security patches for portable apps and product registrations, among other things. It has one of the largest libraries of free programming tools that can be downloaded. There are trials and demos for most of the premium software.

2. Wonderland PC

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PC Wonderland is a software database website that provides users with access to utilities, tools, operating systems, and software. It also has additional categories using Office Tools, Graphic Design, System Tuning, Multimedia, and 2D CAD Software. Once you get access to this site, you don’t have to visit other official sites for your needs.

The website regularly updates its database with the latest software versions. It provides the option for users to search for the desired software using a search bar. Paid tools are free to download, therefore all a user does is installation.

3. Freeware Files

The online platform allows downloading of freeware, screen savers and other web applications. The content here is classified as free or freeware. Thus, users can access all the complete components and elements of fantasy programs for free.

Freeware Files allows its users to download products for free. However, the components and capabilities are constrained based on the constrained representation. Users have access to a free trial and demo of enrolled and premium tier programs.

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It is a free online platform that allows users to browse and download software from its database. The good thing about Softpedia is that it cleans your software from viruses and malware. The site has more than 680 articles listed for download daily.

The platform is accessible to Linux frameworks that are often difficult to install at many stages of product delivery. It has developed many drivers for various types of frameworks.

5. Draft horse

Alternatives to FileCR
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The software provides a new way to find and download software and other web applications. Users can find the latest versions of quality software for various operating systems through it. It is one of the best FileCR competitors because it has a wide selection of quality apps and software.

It is regularly updated with new features and allows users to download the files from previous versions. Filehorse contains several categories such as browsers and plugins, antispyware, mp3 and audio.

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6. QPDownload

It is a website that allows users to download all the latest versions of software for Windows and other mobile applications. Apart from being free, QPDownload is a favorite among users because its platform is easy to understand. It has a dedicated professional team tasked with testing all content to ensure it is secure.

Your favorite software and apps can be easily accessed from the home screen with the help of a search bar. The site has many prominent features that are easy to understand. It is regularly updated with new software and applications. It also has a blog service that offers reviews.

7. Softonic

Softonic’s website provides users with news and audits about the product and projects. There is a lot of free software available for download. It also allows sharing of your content and no haggling on premium and full signup programs.

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One of its interesting features is that it provides products in demo and test facilities. Softonic does not allow users to get complete setup of the products, but allows users to understand their product through the product downloader and installer.


BrotherSoft is a web index for freeware and shareware programs that are available for easy download. The platform has around 200,000 free software. All of these resources are available for users to freely download and share.

It has established itself as one of the top five Internet driving software supply sites. BrotherSoft is the collectible of countless freeware and shareware programs that are provided for download. The products available here are organized into categories like mobile phones, Windows, and Mac.

9. Software informer

Alternatives to FileCR
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Software Informer is one of the most famous software, with more than five million users and more than 2.6 million software listed. Plus, it’s a growing community known for contributing to Answers. It has programs for all operating systems and a forum where things related to software and technology are discussed.

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The software is provided by a multinational organization that performs an audit of the listed applications. Users can download the best applications from the website. Its tools empower users to research applications and decide on the ones that are best for them.

10. Freeware Genius

The platform deals with reviews, tips, guides, and the availability of various software, apps, and services. It is available for all common operating systems including Linux and Mac. It was founded with the intention of providing access to software and applications that most users cannot afford.

Freeware Genius is a paid platform solution, but you also have free access to its professional features. All apps here will work after installation because all of them have been tested to ensure all features work.

Frequently Asked Questions about FileCR Alternatives

  1. What does FileCR do? FileCR is a website that hosts software and applications that can be downloaded for free.
  2. Is FileCR legal? Yes, FileCR is a genuine platform because sharing files is not prohibited as long as copyright rules are respected.
  3. What are the best alternatives to FileCR? Some of the best alternatives to FileCR include Freeware Genius, Software Informer, Softonic, Brothersoft, Filehorse, and Softpedia.
  4. Are FileCR Competitors Legit? Yes, FileCR’s competitors are legitimate and only act as portals with databases from which users can download apps and software.
  5. Is FileCR virus safe? Yes, FileCR is generally a safe platform because it has tools for virus and malware detection.
  6. What makes a download site safe? A download site is secure if it has an SSL certificate installed.
  7. What constitutes illegal downloads? Illegal downloads are when a user downloads a copy of paid content for free without the owner’s permission.

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FileCR alternatives provide a convenient and easy-to-use interface that allows users to securely search and download files. The other FileCR-like sites can perform the same task, but one should be aware of the most reliable ones.

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