10 Must-See Episodes Of ‘Yellowstone’ To Watch During Your Paramount Episode Party

Paramount’s number one series, yellow stone, is treating fans to the feast we all really want this holiday week with Every Episode Feast kicking off on Thanksgiving. With four exciting seasons under his belt, yellow stone it’s the kind of show that hooks you from the start and draws you into a world you never expected.

The Dutton family is filled with characters as multifaceted as the story itself and easy to root for or hate, depending on the scene. Showrunner Taylor Sheridan has a phenomenal talent for creating characters that exist in a gray area, not all good and not all bad. From Beth and Jamie Dutton to the late Sheriff Haskell, there’s so much to discover in each new episode. The all-star cast that brings Sheridan’s story to life seems to have been perfectly cast for her roles in the series, almost as if they were created specifically for them.

Kevin Costner fits the bill as John Dutton, with Wes Bentley going all out while tasked with playing the Dutton family’s necessary evil, Jamie. Kelly Reilly shines as the powerhouse that is Beth Dutton, and Luke Grimes embodies the strong yet vulnerable Kayce in every way. Everyone in the series is dedicated to their roles.

So as you cook your meals this Thanksgiving, eating heaping plates with your loved ones before sleeping in for hours, don’t forget to turn to Paramount and let everyone’s favorite cowboy drama give you the feast you’ve been waiting for.

With several episodes to enjoy, we’ve put together a list of our favorites that you’ll want to binge-watch. These yellow stone The episodes have everything from family secrets to moments of bravado. Enjoy.

Breaking Dawn – season one, episode one

you can’t look yellow stone without tuning into the first episode of the series and realizing the weight John Dutton has on his shoulders in the opening moments. After a tragic accident unfolds, we see John have to perform a mercy killing on a horse, and within moments he tells viewers there’s more to the story than we could have imagined. The synopsis for the episode reads as follows:

“John Dutton tries to protect his ranch from developers, an Indian reservation and America’s first national park.”

The point here is to lay the foundation and entice fans to come back for more, and “Daybreak” certainly did exactly that.

No Good Horses – season one, episode three

Another standout episode of the series is “No Good Horses,” in which we see where much of the Dutton family’s anguish stems from, the untimely death of his wife and mother, Evelyn. His tragic fall from a horse is made worse when the audience sees that he blames his daughter, Beth, for her death. We also see the fraying cloth in the relationship between Jamie and Beth. The synopsis for this episode reads as follows:

“The Duttons are dealing with a painful family anniversary. Kayce saves a young woman from danger. Jamie and Beth plan their respective political careers. Rainwater poses a sinister threat to Dutton’s legacy.”

That ominous threat to the Dutton legacy from Chief Thomas Rainwater is also an essential part of the puzzle, as we realize that many people want what John Dutton has and will stop at nothing to get it.

Ressurection Day – season two, episode seven

The first season certainly had more must-see episodes, but the second season also packed every episode with emotion and history. The Beck brothers set out to destroy an integral part of the Dutton family, and when Beth is attacked as a way to send a message to John, the only thing that saves her from her are three crucial words from Rip. The official synopsis for the episode reads as follows:

“Tensions rise as the Beck brothers grow frustrated with the Duttons’ unwillingness to play; Jamie is looking for a fresh start at the ranch.”

Learning of Beth’s attack, Kayce also uses Brother Beck’s henchmen (what’s left of them, anyway) to make a statement to anyone who might attempt a similar attack on their family.

Enemies by Monday – season two, episode nine

Of course, killing the men who attacked Beth wasn’t enough payoff for the Dutton family. In “Enemies by Monday,” revenge is still on the menu. The Beck brothers won’t be left alone after they hurt the family in such detrimental ways, but if you were expecting Beth Dutton to stay down, think again. When Monica is humiliated at a boutique in town, she knows who to call to help save the day, and when Beth shows up, she’s ready to take her anger out on the store owner, but Monica steps in and throws her out. call. . The moment is when they realize something in the other that catches their attention. It may not be the loving sister-in-law relationship we all hope for, but they have found common ground on which to stand.

“The Duttons prepare for a final fight with the Becks; Beth helps Monica out of an awkward situation.”

In an even more heartbreaking turn of events, at the end of “Enemies By Monday,” we have no idea where Tate Dutton is, and when we do, it’s a fate worse than we could have imagined.

Cowboys and Dreamers – season three, episode five

In “Cowboys and Dreamers,” we discover the reason for the tumultuous relationship between a pair of Dutton brothers, and it’s more heartbreaking than we could have imagined. The episode also shines a light on the injustices committed against the women who use a Native American clinic and the painful choice they are forced to make. yellow stone it highlights many current issues for both ranchers and the Native American community, and this is just one circumstance where we see the stark difference between them. The official synopsis for the episode reads as follows:

“The reason for Beth and Jamie’s toxic relationship is revealed. Kayce breaks the rules to help a family in need. Rip and the boys face two men from John’s past.”

The aforementioned confrontation is certainly mind blowing, but they always are when you hear the words “Rip and the boys”.

The Beating – season three, episode seven

“The Beating” is an episode full of ups and downs for everyone at the ranch. From a painful truck ride for Rip to Jamie discovering a well-kept family secret, emotions run high for everyone. John fears he’s made bad decisions, while Jamie questions everything he’s ever known.

“Kayce searches for answers after a ranch robbery, Jamie discovers a shocking family secret, John issues a warning, and Beth takes matters into her own hands.”

There’s a beautiful silver lining in this episode, and it comes when Rip first walks past Beth as she sits on the porch waiting for him. He takes her two beers to feel like she’s waiting to ask him something, and it’s a big thing. Beth promises her love to Rip in this episode and asks him to marry her. Be still our beating hearts.

The World Is Purple – Season Three, Episode 10

The whole episode is crazy here, but we have to focus on the final moments where everything for our favorite TV family hangs in the balance. John Dutton is shot dead on the side of the road when he tries to help a woman change her tire as Beth’s office is blown up. Kayce is sitting in his office when people break in and start shooting, and Monica and Tate also run into intruders when Kayce tells them to run for safety at the ranch.

“John sits at the bargaining table with former friends and enemies. As the battle for the future of Yellowstone intensifies, nothing will ever be the same again.”

Perhaps the most heartbreaking moment of the episode is that we had to wait for a new season to find out what happened to our favorite characters and who survived.

Half the Money – Season Four, Episode One

When the fourth season made its entrance, we found out who survived the attacks on the Dutton family; we also found out that they were not finished. Fearing that he would die on the way, John wrote a message to whoever found it with his own blood. Rip Wheeler found his body and tried to get it to safety while he told Kayce what happened.

“The coordinated attack on the Duttons continues as everyone searches for answers as to who is responsible; Rip keeps a promise.”

Fortunately, everyone made it out alive, but not everyone was in good physical or emotional shape. As the episode progressed, we learned that the attacks on everyone left deeper scars than we could ever see.

Keep the Wolves Close – season four, episode seven

We see Jimmy as a cowboy working and learning on the 6666 ranch in “Keep The Wolves Close,” and as the episode suggests we need to keep our enemies close, we also see bonds continue to form that are anything but dangerous. Mo helps Kayce with the horses, Beth helps Carter learn a lesson, and even Walker and Lloyd find a truce when the latter brings a new guitar to the man he wanted to kill a few days before.

“John is put in an awkward position by Governor Perry; Carter works to win back Beth’s trust; Jamie is in for a big surprise.”

Everyone seems to be learning that friends are worth more than enemies, even if it’s a hard lesson to learn. Another hard lesson to learn? Governor Lynelle Perry is not announcing that she wants to endorse Jamie for governor of Montana; she is choosing her father over hers. Oh!

Grass on the Streets and Weeds on the Rooftops – season four, episode 10

A Dutton wedding occurs in the season four finale of yellow stone, and it’s everything fans have been hoping for. When Beth and Rip finally get married, it’s in a small ceremony at the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. John, Lloyd and Carter are the only ones in attendance, and the priest Beth kid…er…adult took a nap to get him there.

“For the Duttons, family is everything; however, new truths threaten that bond. Jimmy comes home and has important decisions to make. Beth takes her family matters into her own hands.”

We also see Jimmy make a decision that hurts the hearts of everyone in Yellowstone, but the silver lining as viewers is that we know we haven’t seen the last of him yet.

This weekend you will be able to see the mentioned episodes and everything you have missed in yellow stone during “Every Episode Ever Feast,” starting Thursday at 11 am ET on the Paramount Network. There is no more attractive banquet, trust us!

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