4 Powerful Skincare Ingredients For The Perfect Glow

Winter seems to be the ideal season due to the freshness of the air, the warmth of cozy sweaters and the impending holiday season with the beginning of the New Year.

The skin on the face and body can take some of the most severe weather impacts, even if winter may seem like the best time of the year because the season causes a decrease in humidity and dryness in the air. Understanding the best ways to deal with them is crucial.

Deconstruct’s founder, Malini Adapureddy, is here to give you a breakdown of the components to use in your skincare regimen to keep your skin looking and feeling its best during the cold winter.

Locks in moisture with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid has become a must-have ingredient in serums, moisturizers, and even body washes for people who want their skin to look significantly smoother and more nourished. To give people the opportunity to experience the maximum effectiveness of this ingredient, it has been included in a variety of skin care products. The hydration that hyaluronic acid provides to the skin is one of its main qualities. It binds to water molecules in the skin when applied externally, improving hydration, locking in moisture, and preventing skin from drying out.

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Pro tip: Use hyaluronic acid right after you shower to lock in the most moisture during the winter.

Get That Citrus Boost With Vitamin C

Adding a regular, healthy dose of vitamin C is important to maintaining that winter glow, especially with the wide range of benefits that this activity brings with it. For starters, maintaining a good body temperature through better blood circulation is important during the colder months and ensures that the winter chill does not affect the skin too much. Vitamin C is also incredibly beneficial for the care of many skin ailments such as dull, dry and tired skin. It is also known to aid in the production of collagen, which helps maintain skin elasticity, giving you firmer skin.

Pro tip: Use a product that contains both vitamin C and ferulic acid, such as Deconstruct’s Vitamin C Serum: 10% Vitamin C + 0.5% Ferulic Acid to ensure the ingredients are working at their maximum potency.

Treat yourself to some ceramides

Ceramides play a role in the skin’s barrier function, which serves as our body’s first line of defense against external pollution and toxins, making them an excellent choice for those who want to lock in moisture and avoid that the skin becomes dry. during the cold winter months. Ceramides work best when used twice daily and can be used in many skin care products including serums, moisturizers, body washes, and even scrubs.

Pro tip: Use a ceramide-based moisturizer immediately after using a facial serum to lock in moisture and provide intense hydration while strengthening the skin’s barrier.

Change that winter skin with AHA

AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), while not a moisturizing agent, plays a different role in a winter skincare routine. AHA is best known for its exfoliating properties and is a chemical exfoliant that works to remove dead skin cells from the body, revealing visibly brighter and more nourished skin underneath. The process of removing dead skin cells from the body also helps the body produce more evenly pigmented skin cells, preventing uneven skin tone issues. However, care should be taken not to overuse AHAs in your skin care routine to prevent skin from peeling or causing any type of damage.

Pro tip: Use an exfoliating serum and body butter with lactic or glycolic acid once or twice a week if you’re new to chemical peeling.

While the winter months are truly a magical time of year, no one wants to go through them unprepared with worries and skin issues. Using a combination of these three ingredients is a great way to live these months with beautiful, radiant skin and avoid the dryness and damage that comes with cold temperatures.

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