‘Antiques Roadshow’ 2023 Locations and How to Get Tickets

antique roadshow
Gabrielle Bernardini - Author

Get Ready: The Popular PBS Series traveling exhibition of antiques it may be coming to a city near you in the summer of 2023. The long-running series will span five US cities as collectors hope to profit from their hidden treasures.

“Taking traveling exhibition of antiques across the country, meeting our event guests and learning about their items each year brings magic to our episodes,” executive producer Marsha Bemko said in a statement.

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Also, for the first time in the show’s history, the Roadshow will head to Alaska.

“It has long been a dream to bring the show to Alaska, not only to discover treasures in the area, but also to bring the splendor of the natural environment and important Alaska Native cultures to traveling exhibition viewers,” added the executive producer.

Read on to find out which cities traveling exhibition of antiques will be visiting, and how you can score tickets.

'Roving Antique Show'

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‘Antiques Roadshow’ 2023 Locations: The PBS show will visit these five cities in 2023.

Season 28 of traveling exhibition of antiques will take place in five US cities. In the summer of 2023, the crew will head to the following cities:

May 2: Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

May 16: Raleigh, North Carolina

June 6: Akron, Ohio

June 13: Sturbridge, Massachusetts.

July 11: Anchorage, Alaska

At this time, the historical locations of the venues for each city have not yet been revealed. If you are looking to get a ticket to the traveling exhibition of antiques and have your historical articles evaluated, read on to find out how.

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How to get tickets for Season 28 of ‘Antiques Roadshow’ in summer 2023.

With the popularity of the PBS series, it’s no surprise that getting a ticket to the coveted event can prove challenging for fans who want their special items to be judged by experts.

Unfortunately, fans can’t just show up on the day of the event and expect to get tickets. However, traveling exhibition of antiques requires fans to request tickets in advance.

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To get tickets for the traveling exhibitionpeople can enter traveling exhibition of antiques Ticket Giveaway (deadline is March 13), Early Bird Contest (deadline is March 13), or enter via the Social Giveaway (deadline is February 9).

“Ticket winners are selected from among all eligible entrants in the traveling exhibition of antiques raffles or the traveling exhibition of antiques Social media giveaway by random draw. Each ticket holder can bring two items for evaluation,” the website states. “Advance ticket winners are selected at the discretion of the producer from all advance ticket contest submissions.”

Each winner receives two tickets, and that person can bring two items to be judged by experts at the event.

traveling exhibition of antiques Season 28 will air on PBS in 2024.