British actor still missing on California mountain after 11 days

It’s been 11 days since British actor Julian Sands went missing while hiking treacherous Mount Baldy in southern California.

As search efforts continue, the actor’s family shared a message of thanks for the “heroic” search teams on the mountain.

“Our sincerest thanks to the compassionate members of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department who are coordinating the search for our beloved Julian,” read the message, shared by the sheriff’s department on Twitter. He also listed the numerous search teams that tried to find Sands.

Sands was reported missing at 7:30 p.m. on January 13 after hiking the Baldy Bowl Trail in San Bernardino County, about 30 miles from Los Angeles. The British actor’s car was located on the mountain four days after the search. Sands’ son, Henry Sands, also joined the search by retracing the route he took with an experienced climber.

Cellphone beeps from the actor’s iPhone showed evidence that he was approaching the summit of Mount Baldy at the time of his disappearance, according to the sheriff’s office.

The summit of Mount Baldy, California.

The summit of Mount Baldy, California.

Taylor Reilly/Getty Images/Cavan Images RF

Rescue efforts on the mountain have been hampered by winter storms that hit California earlier this month. On Friday, the sheriff’s office said evidence of avalanches in the area limited the search to a helicopter only, as authorities continue to try to locate Sands via his cell phone.

“Detectives are working with the California Office of Emergency Services who have additional cell phone forensics technology to pinpoint an exact location,” the department said in a statement Friday. “Until now, no viable leads have been developed.”

Mount Baldy, located in the San Gabriel Mountains, has been the scene of several recent tragedies. Earlier this month, a hiker died after sliding 700 feet down the mountainside, the second of two deaths there in January alone. It is also the site of a dangerous “ice slide” that has seen numerous hiking accidents and helicopter rescues.

The 65-year-old actor, known for his roles in “Leaving Las Vegas,” “A Room With a View” and “24,” is reportedly a dedicated hiker and lives in the North Hollywood area.