Clare Bowen, Brant Daugherty and others to star in Hallmark Christmas movie

Hallmark’s latest Christmas movie, #Christmas, will air on Friday, November 25, 2022. The film revolves around a young woman who enters a social media competition, after which she decides to pose as a prominent influencer. Here’s the official synopsis for the film, according to Crown Media Press:

“When interior designer Jen is selected for a social media competition for a design brand, she poses as an influencer with her best friend playing her husband and her nephew playing her baby.”

The film stars Clare Bowen, Brant Daugherty, and many others, in key roles. The film is directed by Heather Hawthorn-Doyle from a screenplay by Emily Baer and Joie Botkin.

by Hallmark #Christmas Cast: Clare Bowen and others star in new Christmas movie

1) Clare Bowen as Jen

Clare Bowen plays the lead role of Jen in #Christmas. Jen poses as a popular social media influencer to enter the competition. Bowen looks quite charming and effortless in the teaser for the movie, and fans of her can expect a stunning performance from her in the movie.

Apart from #ChristmasClare Bowen is best known for starring in the popular series, Nashville. Her other acting credits include hungry ghosts, sand dollar coveY home and awayto name a few.

2) Brant Daugherty as Max

Actor Brant Daugherty plays the role of Max in the upcoming Hallmark movie. The actor appeared briefly in the trailer for the film, but he is expected to play a key role in the story. Not many other details about his role are known at this time.

As an actor, Daugherty has been a part of movies and shows like days of our lives, pretty Little LiarsY just for the summerto name a few.

3) Anna Van Hooft as Ali

Anna Van Hooft appears in the role of Ali in #Christmas. Other than that, details about his role are currently being kept under wraps. Van Hooft has previously appeared on a christmas miracle, until ex do us part, Love, once and alwaysand many more.

In addition to the aforementioned actors, the new Christmas movie also stars several other actors in major supporting/supporting roles, including:

  • Karen Krupper as Liz
  • Sebastian Stewart as Charlie
  • Lillian Doucet-Roche as Zoe
  • Greg Kean as Pete
  • Matt Clarke as Brad
  • Preston James Rocha as Baby Reed
  • William MacDonald as Jack
  • Donia Kash as Alex

youtube cover

Hallmark Channel released an official trailer for the film on November 19, which featured lead Jen and her friend trying to find a way to enter the social media competition. The conversation depicted in the clip implied that Jen eventually decided to pose as a popular social media influencer.

Based on the preview and synopsis, fans can expect another fun and entertaining Christmas movie from Hallmark with a similar tone to Christmas of my southern family Y when i think of christmas.

You can watch the next Christmas movie, #Christmason Hallmark Channel on Friday, November 25, 2022 at 6 pm ET.

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