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WATCH: Cubs’ Nick Madrigal grounding out to third base originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

We heard that Chicago Cubs infielder Nick Madrigal could get playing time at third base.

Now we can see him preparing for the position.

Rich Biesterfeld tweeted images of Madrigal taking ground balls at third base.

While Madrigal has spent his entire college and major league career at second base, Jed Hoyer admitted at the Cubs convention that Madrigal will see representatives at third base.

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The move focuses on the jam the Cubs have in the middle of the infield. After signing former Atlanta Braves shortstop Dansby Swanson, Nico Hoerner will slide down to second base. The Swansby-Hoerner pairing is an amazing defensive midfielder and Madrigal is the odd man out.

“I’m preparing for whatever is thrown at me,” Madrigal told the Chicago Tribune. “I’m getting ready to do my job, whatever it is right now. This is a very exciting time for Cubs fans, everyone who is a part of the Cubs team.”

There have even been rumors that the White Sox might explore bringing Madrigal back to the South Side. The White Sox need a second baseman.

Madrigal’s hitting profile doesn’t fit that of a typical third baseman, but he has a valuable bat in a different way.

“He’s not what you think of a stereotypical third-base power slugger,” Hoyer told the Tribune, “but he’s a very good hitter, a very good player and he can definitely do it.”

As Hoyer attested, Madrigal, when healthy, is a phenomenal base hitter. He has a .289 batting average and .336 on-base percentage in his career. Hence, the commitment to find a place for him in the field is due to his ability at the plate.

The Cubs could also opt to use him at the designated hitter spot. It’s plausible that the team wants to find places for Christopher Morel, Patrick Wisdom and Zach McKinstry in the field or as designated hitter as well.

Madrigal is not known for his fielding skills. He doesn’t possess a flashing arm or the lateral ability to navigate balls down the line. He has speed, so fielding bunts or short ground balls could be in his wheelhouse.

Still, it looks like a square peg in a round hole type setting; the Cubs have time to decide how they will design their roster.

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