Dead City Sneak Peek Reveals a Neon-Drenched Zombie Island

After 12 years and 11 long seasons, the hit AMC series The Walking Dead came to a close with the series finale “Rest In Peace,” which premiered on November 20. However, the 90-minute finale of the flagship series gave audiences a bit of closure given that spinoff shows following fan-favorite characters are already in the works. The teaser trailer for The Walking Dead: Dead City just dropped, giving fans a look at one of the most shocking zombie-fighting duos traveling to New York City.

Set two years after the end of the main show, the six-episode spinoff series, likely to debut in April 2023, centers on Maggie (lauren cohan, The boy) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Grey’s Anatomy). These characters have been at odds for a long time, ever since Negan joined the show and brutally murdered Maggie’s husband, Glenn (steven yun, Minari). Ever since Negan became one of the good guys, the two have been able to work well enough together, surprisingly, that they’re now starring opposite each other. dead city.


the dead city The teaser shows Maggie and Negan venturing into post-apocalyptic Manhattan, which was long ago cut off from the mainland. Alongside scenes revealing the ever-evolving walkers, the teaser shows the two working together and even a clip of them walking past graffiti that reads, “Dawn Lincoln Center Come Kill With Us.” Eli Jorne is on board (The Walking Dead) as showrunner for the series, and its official synopsis reads: “The city in ruins is full of the dead and inhabitants who have made New York City their own world filled with lawlessness, danger, beauty, and terror.”

the city of the undead dead 1

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“Eli has created a chaotic, beautiful, and grimy asylum of the dead for Negan, Maggie, and fans of the show eager to discover an insane, unseen world of the TWD Universe,” said the franchise architect. scott gimple said in a recent statement. “Lauren and Jeffrey have always been fantastic collaborators, and now we’re taking that collaboration to the next level with a series that will push these characters to their limits with the world—and with each other. All of us are thrilled to take you on a whole new and different TWD epic for the ages.”

dead city It’s not the first time AMC has explored the world of the undead outside of the main series, and it definitely won’t be the last. The rabid popularity of the show led to the creation of fear of the walking deadfollowed by The Walking Dead: The World Beyond – which is essentially a teen-focused version of the show – and more recently the anthology series, Tales of the Living Dead.

In addition to dead cityThe Walking Dead story will continue with two bonus shows: darryl dixonWhats Next Norman Reedus (The chosen ones) reprising his fan-favorite role, as well as Rick Grimes (andrew lincolnlove actually) and Michonne (dana guriraBlack Panther) getting his own appropriately titled spin-off series Rick and Michonne.

review the dead city teaser trailer below.

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