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New Delhi: Director, Producer and Screenwriter andrea braga talking about ‘Self defense’ during the ‘IFFI Table Talks organized by GDP in the current 53rd Goa International Film Festival, said: “The central theme of the film, that is, the problem of toxins and pesticides in our agricultural sector, is a reflection of our time.”

Director andrea braga in the ‘IFFI Table Talks

When asked about the most memorable scene in the film, the versatile artist recounted: “It is towards the climax that the protagonist of the film, after many years, returns home. Memories of the past flash before his eyes. The juxtaposition of the past with the present is what we seek to explore.”

The debuting filmmaker also shared with the audience that shooting a feature film was not much different from shooting short films. He said, “Although there is an improvement in the team and the professionalism of the team, as a director, when the project is presented, I have to do justice to the story.”

The film editor Mauricio HalekSharing his experience, he told the audience, “Since we are friends, it has been a great experience working on this project. It is the first time that we are presenting a film in India. The response has been incredible.”

film frame ‘Self defense’

Spanish cinema ‘Self defense’ projected under the ‘Best First Film by a Director’ category of the 53rd International Film Festival of India ongoing in Goa. A collection of 7 Indian and international fiction feature film releases that exemplify what the next generation of filmmakers are envisioning on screen compete in this category.


Eduardo, a prosecutor with unresolved issues from the past, decides to return to his hometown to investigate a series of murders. He is received by some old friends, a couple formed by Paula and Ramiro, the town commissioner. As the investigation progresses, the three begin to uncover a corrupt ecosystem based on the abuse of agrochemicals at the expense of the locals, who live in very precarious conditions. Driven by these findings, Eduardo will try to overcome the trauma. You’re not alone, though: stories of shattered lives are everywhere you look.


Director: Andrea Braga

Producer: Andrea Braga

Screenplay: Andrea Braga

Director of Photography: Guillermo “gurí” Saposnik

Editing: Mauricio Halek

Cast: Alfonso Tort (Eduardo Pastore), Javier Drolas (Ramiro Sartori), Violeta Urtizberea (Paula Pennati)

2022 | Spanish | 97 minutes | Color

About the director:

Andrea Braga was born in Brescia, Italy, in 1986. He is a producer, director and screenwriter. He has a degree in Letters and Philosophy from the Università del Sacro Cuore di Brescia and in Cinematography from the Eliseo Subiela Professional Film School (Buenos Aires), where he is also a teacher. Since 2014, he has been working in film and music video production. His career as a director and screenwriter began with the fiction shorts Evelyn (2015) and Internal Memory (2017), both awarded and recognized worldwide. In 2021 he founded his own production company, KUMO CINE, and shot his debut film. Self defensea co-production with PENSA & ROCCA CINE.

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