Does the ancient troll survive? (spoilers)

Troll, the highly anticipated and riveting Norwegian fantasy action-adventure film, finally arrived on Thursday, December 1, 2022, exclusively on Netflix. The new Netflix movie has been directed by Roar Uthaug.

Jallo Faber has served as the film’s cinematographer, while Johannes Ringen has acted as music composer. Harald Zwart, Roar Uthaug, Veslemoey Ruud Zwart, Espen Sandberg and Tim King served as executive producers for the Norwegian film.

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The official synopsis for the film, according to Netflix, reads:

“When an explosion in the Norwegian mountains awakens an ancient troll, officials appoint a brave paleontologist to stop it from wreaking deadly havoc.”

Since the movie was released, it has already started getting a lot of positive responses for its unique and refreshing story, gripping performances from the cast, and captivating ending.

the end of netflix Troll explored

Does Nora’s father, Tobias Tidemann, die?

A still from the film (Image via IMDb)
A still from the film (Image via IMDb)

The new fantasy adventure film shows a giant ancient creature awakening in the Dovre Mountains in Hjerkinn, causing a massive eruption in the mountainous area and killing several workers and activists. The creature becomes a threat to humans.

Very concerned about the destruction, the Norwegian authorities call in Nora Tidemann, a paleobiologist, to examine the cause of the eruption.

After viewing video footage of the incident, Nora realizes that the eruption was caused by a giant creature. This leads her to believe that the fairy tale stories about kings and trolls that her father used to tell her are true.

A still from the film (Image via IMDb)
A still from the film (Image via IMDb)

Nora turns to her father, Tobias Tidemann, for help, as he is the expert in this area. When they see the creature with their own eyes, Tobias instantly realizes that it is a troll, an old world creature.

The task force begins to open fire on the creature, but Tobias knows that contrary to popular belief, trolls are not harmful, and are in fact quite sensible.

Tobias continues to surrender to the troll and begins to talk to him, telling him that he is not there to harm him. The creature seems to understand this and stops moving. However, at that moment, another member of the task force opens fire on the troll, angering him. In his rage, the creature lunges at Tobias, fatally wounding him.

Nora runs to her father and after uttering a series of words, including ‘palace’, ‘king’ and ‘home’, Tobias sadly passes away.

What happens to the giant creature?

A still from the film (Image via IMDb)
A still from the film (Image via IMDb)

After learning of the creature’s existence, the Norwegian authorities plan to use a deadly nuclear missile to kill it. However, the weapon poses a great threat to humanity itself. Nora objects and tries to find a way to save both the creature and the people following the last instructions given by her father.

He realizes what his father meant by palace, king, and home. So, she and Andreas arrive at a palace where Sinding leads them to an underground cave, which used to be the home of the king of the trolls. Now it is full of giant bones and skeletons. Nora realizes that the creature she has awakened is also coming to the palace, which used to be her home.

Nora uses one of the skeleton heads to lure the creature from the city to the mountainous areas. At one point, the skeleton’s head falls out of the car and the creature takes it. However, when the head falls from the creature’s hand, she becomes enraged and appears to be about to go berserk.

In an attempt to stop him, Nora recalls a folklore her father told her, where it was said that direct sunlight turns trolls to stone. She arranges massive lights with the help of Kaptein Kristoffer Holm’s task force and is finally able to stop the creature, preventing the authorities from launching the missile.

A still from the film (Image via IMDb)
A still from the film (Image via IMDb)

However, Nora eventually understands that the creature will not survive the power of the lights, so she rushes to turn off the lights.

Fortunately, the sun rises soon after and when the bright sunlight hits the creature’s body, it turns to stone, forming a mountain-like structure. The film ends with an emotional Nora later naming the newly formed mountain “Tobias Boulder” after her father.

don’t forget to catch Trollwhich is currently streaming exclusively on the popular streaming platform Netflix.

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