Everything about the new Descendants spin-off


The villains return once more to tell us their side of the story, since it is not always what it seems. The Pocketwatch, the new Descendants spin-off, will introduce new evil characters and some not-so-evil characters… Here, take a look at everything about the upcoming movie.

Brandy Norwood in Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella // China Anne McClain in Descendants 3.
© IMDbBrandy Norwood in Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella // China Anne McClain in Descendants 3.

the Decendents They are back? Something like that… pocket watch is Disney’s new commitment to the world of villains. The spin-off of dove cameron Y Sofia CarsonThe film will be directed by Jennifer Phang (The Boys) and will also serve as executive producer, while Dan Fray and Russel Sommer will write the script.

It will have other regular collaborators of the franchise, such as brand hofeling, who returns as a production designer. In addition, the film will feature seven all-new original songs, plus Disney classics that will be featured as the story unfolds.

In the original franchise we saw how the plot followed a group of rebels without a cause, children of the most evil villains: Mal (Maleficent’s daughter), Carlos (Cruella de Vil’s son), Jay (Jafar’s son) and Evie (daughter of of the Evil Queen from Snow White). But this time the protagonists will be completely different, giving way to Red and Chloe.

The Pocketwatch: What will the spin-off be about?

According to the official synopsis, the story follows Red, daughter of the Queen of Heartsand Chloe, cinderella’s daughteras they team up to save Auradon by traveling back in time using the White Rabbit’s pocket watch to stop an event that would have dire consequences.

The new film will feature several franchise regulars, not only on its production team, but also in its cast. Uma’s character is back and so far she is the only one of the original Descendants to participate in the project.

The Pocket Watch: Who’s in the cast?

Several great actors will play the new Disney spin-off. The list of those confirmed so far is completed as follows:

  • Rita Ora as Queen of Hearts
  • China Anne McClain as Uma
  • Melanie Paxson as Fairy Godmother
  • Brandy Norwood as Cinderella
  • Ruby Rose Turner as Bridget, young queen of hearts
  • Joshua Colley as Hook
  • Kylie Cantrall as Red
  • Morgan Dudley as Ella, the young Cinderella
  • Malia Baker as Chloe
  • Dara Renee as Ulyana

The Pocket Watch: When will it be released?

Although The Pocketwatch would appear to be the working title, the film will begin shooting this summer, so there may be a chance that will be released sometime in 2023. the spinoff It’s going to be released directly by Disney+ and will not be released in theaters.

ayo davispresident of Disney, spoke about the project and said “With a captivating script and Jennifer Phang’s directing vision, we’re setting the bar high for creativity and imagination. With a film that raises the bar for story, song and dance to entertain our young audiences, their families and the global fan base that grew up on the inspiring story of ‘The Descendants’.”

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