Goran Dragic leads the list of Chicago Bulls eligible to be traded on December 15

Now that 21 games of the season have passed, we finally have the luxury of looking back when it comes to evaluating the decisions made by the Chicago Bulls in free agency last summer. Too often, free agents work out of the blue for the Bulls, so the team may look to shake up the roster once the Dec. 15 deadline passes and all of the league’s recently acquired free agents become tradeable.

For Chicago, this group of players comprises three of the four main roster signings the Bulls made over the summer, with the record-breaking extension of Zach LaVine being the obvious fourth move made by the front office. In LaVine’s case, however, he can’t participate in any trades until January 15, when all players who re-signed using Bird Rights over the summer can be traded from their respective teams.

Goran Dragic tops a list of three recently signed Chicago Bulls who will once again be eligible to be traded as early as December 15.

1.Goran Dragic

Amid the many Bulls players currently experiencing a slump, perhaps no player on the roster has done as much to rebuild his value this season as Goran Dragic. After suffering the worst shooting splits of his career for Toronto and Brooklyn last year, Dragic has been a surprising revelation for Chicago.

The veteran is currently averaging 8.4 points and 3.3 assists in just 17.9 minutes per game. His 3-point shooting in particular has been a big surprise, as he has shot down a career-best 42.4% from beyond the arc in 21 games this year. Those stats may be a bit early, though, as he shot 52.6% from deep in his first 11 games, but has crashed to Earth shooting 23.8% in his last 10.

Dragic makes a lot of sense as a candidate to sell high if Lonzo Ball finally starts to show a little progress in his recovery; otherwise, the Bulls will likely be forced to keep Dragic until the end of the season.

2. Andre Drummond

One of the areas the Bulls have most clearly improved from last year to this season is their depth at center position. After being the lowest-ranked team in almost every stat related to rebounding and paint last season, Andre Drummond has solidly elevated the Bulls to a mid-team despite logging just 14.7 minutes per game.

Even if the Chicago Bulls decide to make the unlikely decision to reshuffle the roster, Drummond is highly unlikely to be traded in any scenario. In fact, he would argue that Vucevic is actually more likely to be dealt ⁠, paving the way for Drummond to take a starting role.

3.Derrick Jones Jr.

Derrick Jones Jr. is the third and final player eligible to be traded once the December 15 deadline passes. Coincidentally, he’s also the third player on this list I’d be hesitant to sell unless the return really feels like a difference-making package. This serves as a solid barometer for the front office’s performance in free agency, as none of the Bulls’ signings have been disappointments thus far.

Jones Jr. has been a quality spark plug every time he takes the floor for Chicago, as no one on this list has the skill set to run to the rim in transition or setbacks off the boards like DJJ does. Unfortunately, he has seen the court for just 12.5 minutes per game, the lowest mark of his career since his sophomore season in 2018. For that reason, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Bulls move Jones Jr. to a team that has A role. more readily available for him to fill.

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