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Hawaiian Electric is seeking proposals for renewable energy projects on Maui and Oahu, including, for the first time, applications to develop firm renewable capacity on the two islands.

“This is an opportunity to significantly increase the share of renewable energy in our grids and help Hawaii’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions.” said Rebecca Dayhuff Matsushima, Hawaiian Electric’s vice president of resource acquisition. “In particular, the RFPs (requests for proposals) include firm renewable generation, which will add critical reliability to our grids as we continue to retire oil-based generators.”

Firm renewable energy differs from intermittent resources like solar and wind in that it is available at all times. While previous requests for proposals have focused exclusively on intermittent resources, the new acquisition seeks to broaden the future generation mix to ensure Maui and Oahu have a diverse portfolio of generation resources, the company said.

Hawaiian Electric is seeking a variety of firm and intermittent renewable energy and capacity resources on both islands including, but not limited to, wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and biofuels. Independent energy storage proposals will also be accepted.

For Maui, Hawaiian Electric is seeking at least 425 gigawatt hours per year of dispatchable renewable variable power, which means the company controls when the resource is used, as well as at least 40 megawatts of firm renewable capacity to be in service by 2027.

For Oahu, the company is targeting at least 965 GWh per year of dispatchable variable renewable energy to be on-line by 2027. It is also targeting 300-500 MW of firm renewable capacity by 2029 and an additional 200 MW of firm renewable capacity by 2033.

The company will evaluate the proposals to determine a final award group from which to begin contract negotiations.

These requests for proposals are complementary to the Hawaiian Islands request for proposals that opened on November 21.

In 2018, Hawaiian Electric began the first phase of Hawaii’s largest renewable energy resource acquisition effort to meet the state’s 100 percent renewable portfolio standard requirement. The second phase of acquisitions began in 2019.

Of those first two phases, nearly 450 MW and approximately 1.7 GWh per year of energy storage are under development on Maui and Oahu and are expected to be online by 2024, with 75 MW and 300 megawatt hours per year of energy storage. power in commercial operation.

This third-tier renewable energy procurement is open to bids from power developers locally and globally.

For more information, visit Hawaiian Electric’s competitive bidding website at hawaiianelectric.com/clean-energy-hawaii/selling-power-to-the-utility/competitive-bidding-for-system-resources.

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