He wanted a better life for us: Relatives of a salesman hit by BMW in Delhi

Coming home after a day’s work around 10.15 p.m. on Sunday.

High-ranking police officials said a 31-year-old man, Shivang, the son of a Rajokri-based businessman who owns an overseas construction company, was arrested and the damaged car was seized.

One officer said: “Shivang was returning after dinner with three or four of his friends when he hit the vegetable vendor across the road.”

Shau’s only daughter, Manisha Shau, 28, told The Indian Express that the family relied on her father’s meager income, which used to pay for the house rent, coaching fees and daily expenses.

Manisha, who is preparing for the Central Teacher Eligibility Test, said: “My father used to earn Rs 10,000-15,000 in a good month. We had planned that once he started earning, he would get him a store so he wouldn’t have to walk around with his grocery cart.”

Shau ​​and his wife Roma Shau (56) came to Delhi from Midnapore, West Bengal, in 1982. Soon after, Shau started working as a cook at the British embassy. After an accident left him bedridden for three years after sustaining foot injuries, he quit the job. He “he Decided to do something for him and started selling vegetables. My mother and I were worried as he used to set up his post around Munirka and RK Puram and it required a lot of work,” Manisha said.

She said Shau took pride in what he did and never made her feel like they were having a financial crisis. “Although my family was struggling to make ends meet, my father always managed some savings. He wanted a better life for me. We were hoping to move from our current house in Munirka as it is very congested,” Manisha added.

Ram Parvesh Gond (25), an ice cream vendor whose statement was filed by the FIR, said he was serving a customer when he saw a vehicle coming from Vasant Vihar and allegedly collided with Shau and his cart. “The lights had turned red, but the car jumped out and hit him. The vehicle dragged the car for several meters before stopping for a while and running away,” Gond said.

The vehicle was traced to the businessman through a broken license plate left at the scene, police said.

Mohd Shabud, a juice vendor near Shau’s home, remembered him as a cheerful person who would always lend him vegetables for free, even if he had no money at the time. “She used to come home every day after saying hello and I would give her a mixed juice that she liked for free,” he said.

Roma said it had been three months since Shau’s phone stopped working and every day, they used to wait with bated breath for his whereabouts. “We knew that he would return around 10:30 pm, like every day, but we always prayed for his safety, since the roads are not safe… What is the life of a street vendor worth when the rich can run over them whenever they want? ”. she asked.

A police officer said: “Once we reached Rajokri, Shivang and his father tried to put the blame on the driver, we stopped him and he claimed to have driven the car. In prolonged cross-examination, he broke down, saying that the son of his employer was driving during the incident.” After the father, in whose name the car was registered, was questioned, he allegedly revealed that his son was behind the wheel. Police said the defendant was granted bail as it is a bailable offence.