How to download videos from Facebook in an easy way

It is the most used social network along with Twitter and Instagram, being so popular and counting with billions of people actively on a daily basis. Facebook is part of Meta, as the company is known, which has decided to change its name and take an important step in terms of news.

Facebook has been adding improvements to the interface, adding changes to the pages and putting new guidelines, part that is vital for the good order of all the content that is published. To that is added the great upload of videosmany of them interesting for us and that we want to always have on hand.

In this tutorial we will explain how to download facebook videos in a few steps, with all the options available, which are currently quite a few. If you like a song or find a clip funny, download it to your phone, tablet, and even PC (Windows, Mac Os, or Linux). Facebook report issue

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The videos are usually of average quality.

Download videos fb-0

They are uploaded when most are recorded with the mobile, not all of them are of high quality, although most are of medium quality. When downloading each of them you will have several possibilities, among them is to maintain the quality with which it is downloaded, which will be optimal.

Likewise, applications and pages are the best ally when it comes to downloading videos, which are clips in a format that is readable by any of the devices we have, including the telephone. Files will be downloaded mostly in FLV, also in MP4which are the two most popular formats today.

The download usually takes a few megabytes, since a video usually takes up quite little, although that will depend on the number of minutes each one of them has. Always try both options, so you will get any, except the private ones that are not visible to you and will be denied if they have been configured that way by their author.

With quick save


It is one of the most traditional pages when it comes to downloading videos from the social network Facebook, focusing on it and downloading any clip you want. What is necessary always goes through copying the video link, for this you have to go to it and copy the upper URL or click on the three dots, “Copy link”.

The positive thing if you want to download one or several clips is having the web open, it doesn’t take much if you want to download each one of them in a row, since there are no limits. Like others, it has the typical box, in which to enter the URL and has “Download” button for conversion.

Snapsave allows you to download videos from Facebook in qualities such as 1080p, 2K and 4K, working on all devices as indicated on the main page. In addition, you have the application uploaded in the Play Store, you can also download it in the box shown below, being as easy as the web.

video downloader app

fastvid app download

Fastvid released an ideal and perfect app to download videos from Facebook, all under a less interesting interface. The video downloader app incorporates a simple interface, where you can put the link and download just by clicking “Download”, you need to wait for it to convert and click again to download the file.

The downloads are in HD, SD and you have one that is worth playing the file before, as long as you see the quality that it will have when downloaded by the application. The tool is ideal when you want to download a lot of videos from this popular network.which is limited for the moment to downloading the clips natively, at least for now, although it is not ruled out that at some point they will do so as one more function.

The high configuration of this app will make it one of your favorite When it comes to being used, it has a panel that is almost infinite. The Fastvid tool is a favorite, so much so that it currently has over 100 million downloads and counting. This in Spanish.


Facebook video down

It is one of the unknown, but by no means the least functional of all those available in the network of networks. FBVideoDown is a web application that will allow you to download videos from Facebook in a few steps, just like all of them by having a checkbox and a button to download any video from Mark Zuckerberg’s network.

To start using it, open the address, copy the URL and paste the linn where Say “Paste Facebook Link Here” and click the “Download” button. After this you have to wait for the link to convert and download it in the quality you want, you have several possibilities, including the highest, in 1080p quality.

video downloader for facebook

facebook video downloader

It is another of the apps that have an important value when it comes to downloading videos from Facebook, with one of the best interfaces of the moment. It allows quick copying and pasting with a single click on the screen, to which is added the different qualities that it will offer when downloading any of the clips.

Save the links, you can preview them before you want to download each one of them, the history helps us if what we want is to see each one without having to download it to the phone. The Android app is easy to this adds an equally valuable page.


It is a website that, like the others, goes where it goes, download videos with their encoding in just a few secondsYou don’t need much thanks to your good servers. X2Download is a page where it is worth downloading both videos from Zuckerberg’s social network and Reels from both Facebook and Instagram.

The only negative to blame is the intrusive advertisingOtherwise, you can use it for whatever you want, download Facebook videos on your phone, tablet or even PC.

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