Learn the sounds of Hawaiian-born artist Mahalo

After the release of “Feelin’ Down,” Mahalo stopped by to chat about The Mahalo Show, owning his own studio, and so much more!

If you’ve been looking for a new artist who can help you get back on your feet and bring a new perspective to dance music, then Mahalo He’s just the person to watch. His signature sound, dubbed “liquid house,” has found its way into the hearts (and playlists) of dance music lovers around the world, earning him the status of one of the most up-and-coming producers around. from the scene. Between dropping irresistibly danceable singles, hitting the road to perform live, and running his radio show, the mahalo showthe rising producer has kept busy building a promising career over the years.

After finding a home in music armyMahalo released a flurry of singles in 2022, from “Careless” a “body love”, which saw him hone his sound while keeping good vibes at the forefront. The latest song to hit his catalog comes in the form of “feeling down”, a feel-good house track that embodies the contagious energy characteristic of their discography.

To celebrate the release of “Feelin’ Down,” Mahalo created a mix for us that features their latest song along with other fresh dance tracks like their 2022 single “House,” Rx5‘s”when I speak,” Y GUZ & camden cox‘s”Torrential rain.” She also sat down to give us the inside scoop on where she is at right now in his artistic journey, including the impact she hopes to have on the dance music scene. Add some uplifting sentiment to your day by checking out the mix on SoundCloud, streaming “Feelin’ Down” on his preferred platform, and read on for our conversation with the artist himself!

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Hi Mahalo, thank you so much for taking some time to talk to us today! For starters, let’s take a look at his year in 2022. Between releasing singles like “Home” and “Body Love,” signing with Armada, and playing live shows, he had a wildly successful year. What did you learn about yourself as a person and as an artist in 2022 that you will bring into the new year?

Hey, thanks so much for having me, and yeah, we saw some great moments last year! While I was only able to release a handful of songs during the calendar year, some amazing things happened across the board and behind the scenes. I think I’ve learned that I’m constantly learning, and that’s okay. I have realized that it is something fundamental to who I am as a person, and I will keep that flame burning until the 23rd.

Let’s know a little about his background. As a Hawaiian-born California native, what role do your roots play in your creative process?

I tend to think of it in terms of water and how it acts, fluidly. When I’m working on a melody, everything has to flow smoothly and feel good, like water. That’s how my brain interprets it, anyway. Maybe that’s related to growing up around water; Maybe it is not

Your new single, “Feelin’ Down” featuring TwoWorldsApart and Thutmose, is out now. What ideas or feelings did you find when creating this song?

Yes, I am delighted with this record and how it has come out. The idea behind it is a bit of a double entendre of feeling down in a sensual way, as well as feeling down in a literal, emotional way. It’s the balance and ambiguity of that essence that Thutmose captured perfectly, and working with TwoWorldsApart to bring this idea to life was a perfect match.

The second anniversary of your radio show is approaching, the mahalo show – Congratulations! What can a first-time listener expect when tuning in to the show? How do you keep things fresh with each episode?

It’s about that time, isn’t it? Wow. Hard to believe that two years have already passed. the mahalo show it’s cool to do it, and I get to really showcase all the different types of house music that I like. Every show is different, and I take it as an opportunity to experiment and do different things, like box-digging episodes, guest mixes, and debuting new music. By doing “whatever I want,” I don’t think I’ve stigmatized the show with a certain sound or expectation, and that allows me to keep things fresh.

You have your own studio in Los Angeles. How does being involved in the more technological side of production help you achieve your artistic goals?

All the effort to put it together, but it’s hard to leave. My thought process behind it all is this: sonically, there isn’t a huge benefit to using a hardware kit or synths in your productions instead of being out of the box. However, it can be more fun to get your hands on things physically and tangibly work with the music. That little bit of extra fun can sometimes be the creative spark to get something off the ground, and that’s invaluable.


He has coined his own term, “liquid house”, to describe his particular brand of house music. What does this term mean to you?

Yeah, that goes back to the water analogy I was doing earlier. With the songs I make, I always try to make them feel fluid, listenable but danceable. That balance, mixed with some edge, is the vibe of what I’m doing.

What personal impact do you hope to have on the dance music scene?

The way I see it, I’m happy to have the opportunity to have my music and listen to it, and having it well received is just the icing on the cake. Some of the messages I have received are enough to be grateful for a hundred lives. So I guess I have to keep touching people’s lives in a positive way.

Finally, can you tell us a bit about your next steps for 2023 and beyond?

Much more music is on the way. Excited for the world to hear this!

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