Los Angeles Angels top prospects 2023: Logan O’Hoppe, a trade-deadline pick, leads the farm system

Major League Baseball’s offseason is in full swing, and that means everyone is thinking ahead. In most cities, that means next season; in some, however, it means the big picture, the next three to five years. Either you are selling victories or you are selling hope, the old saying goes. Here at CBS Sports we like to provide as much hope as we can this time of winter by evaluating each team’s farm system.

Of course, that doesn’t mean every team has an equally good farm system; some, as you will discover throughout this process, lack that aspect. However, it does mean that CBS Sports will spend the next few weeks examining the top three prospects in each organization. We define “prospect” as maintaining his rookie eligibility for the 2023 season, so if a young player is missing, that’s probably why.

These rosters and reviews are formed by following conversations with scouts, analysts, and player development types. There’s also first-hand assessment and bias in the mix. Please note that player evaluation is a difficult task and it is okay if you disagree with the rankings. These are opinions, and have no real bearing on the future. You can check our winter top 20 list by clicking here.

With that in mind, let’s do it by taking a look at the Los Angeles Angels.

1. Logan O’Hoppe, C (2023 seasonal age: 23)

The Phillies’ continued employment of JT Realmuto allowed them to trade O’Hoppe to the Angels at the deadline for outfielder Brandon Marsh, a deal that should continue to benefit both parties. O’Hoppe has plenty of 50 and 55 in his tool outlay, giving him the foundation to be an average hitter or better, as well as a solid defensive catcher who gets high marks for his leadership skills. He hit .283/.416/.544 in Double-A last season, which convinced the Angels to bring him up at the end of the year. O’Hoppe is positioned to serve as the Angels’ most-days starting catcher in 2023, and for years to come after that.

2. Zach Neto, SS (2023 seasonal age: 22)

The Angels drafted Neto with the 13th pick in last July’s draft before quickly moving him up to Double-A. He held his own there, hitting .320/.382/.492 in 30 games. Neto was well regarded by draft-bound scouts thanks to his baseball IQ and his ability to hit the ball hard at a good angle without selling out or sacrificing his contact skills. He’s also a tolerable shortstop, although he’s likely to be seen as a second-tier player there. The Angels seem likely to continue their aggressive schedule with Neto, making him a compelling candidate to debut early in the 2023 season.

3. Ky Bush, LHP (2023 season age: 23)

Bush, Los Angeles’ second-round pick in 2021, posted a 3.67 ERA and a 3.48 strikeout-to-walk ratio last season in 21 Double-A starts. He’s a physically 6-foot-6, 240-pound left-hander whose combination of above-average fastball and slider has intrigued scouts since his college days. Bush will need to improve his consistency with the rest of his arsenal and with his command. If he can, he could make it to the majors as soon as the summer of 2023.