Nominations are now open for the Southern Arizona Food Heroes Awards

The non-profit organization just announced some pretty exciting news. Tucson City of Gastronomy (TCoG): a new annual awards program that will recognize Food Heroes of Southern Arizona.

TCoG is currently looking for local heroes in two categories, the “Food Visionary Award” and the “Jim Griffith Foodways Keeper Award”, with the submission deadline being Monday, February 20. The 2023 winners will be selected through a nomination process and receive cash prizes of $1,500 each.

Photo by Pixabay

Photo by Pixabay

“These awards created in collaboration with Yes Charro!the Southwest Folklore Allianceand the University of Arizona Southwestern Center It will recognize the people who quietly uphold traditional food knowledge and skills important to our sense of place and shared identity, and others who help us think in new ways about the roles of food in our lives,” she said. jonathan mabryTCoG Executive Director.

Winners will be announced in April and an event will be held to honor the winners in early May.

“If you know of someone who deserves the appreciation of southern Arizonans in one of these areas, we hope you will nominate them so that their valuable contribution will be better known and feel our respect,” he said.

Keep scrolling to learn more about the two categories and who you’d like to nominate.

Food Visionary Award

The 2023 Food Visionary Award will spotlight Southern Arizona artists working in the visual, performing, film, media, and written word fields who are creatively reimagining new relationships with food, in any of its forms. dimensions. Charlotte Flores from Yes Charro! has partnered with TCoG for this award, and TCoG will be highlighting the artist’s work at other events throughout the year. This award is funded by Si Charro!

Nominate someone for the Food Visionary Award here.

Jim Griffith Foodways Keeper Award

The Foodways Keeper Award will recognize southern Arizona home cooks and food artisans who are helping to keep Tucson’s food traditions alive through the continued use of traditional ingredients and techniques unique to this region. This award is in honor of anthropologists and folklorists who promoted the food heritage and culinary traditions of the Arizona-Sonora border area. The Southwest Folklife Alliance partners with TCoG for this award, and it is funded by the Southwest Center at the University of Arizona.

Nominate someone for the Jim Griffith Foodways Keeper Award here.

As mentioned above, the submission deadline is on Monday, February 20 and the winners will receive cash prizes of $1,500 each.

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