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What happens when two Christmas gifts from the well-known jewelry store Tiffany’s are exchanged? A new Christmas movie from Prime Video will show us. Something of tiffany’s follows Rachel (Zoey Deutch) and Ethan (Kendrick Sampson) as they deal with the fallout from a gift mix-up and maybe even find true love in the process.

Deadline exclusively revealed in November 2021 that Deutch was set to star in the film. The actress also joined the project as an executive producer. Other producers include Lauren Neustadter and Reese Witherspoon under their Hello Sunshine production company. This marks one of the company’s first films (under the Hello Sunshine banner), the other being where the locusts sing.


Get ready for the gift of love this season as we share everything there is to know about Something from Tiffany’s.

Something from Tiffany’s: The Plot

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The holidays are a time to spend time with family and friends, reflect on the year, and maybe even get something special for the partner of your life. At least, that’s what Gary (Ray Nicholson) and Ethan had in mind. The two go to Tiffany’s, the jewelry store known for its beautiful blue boxes, to buy something for the respective women in their lives that very night. However, their gifts are exchanged: Ray ends up with the engagement ring Ethan bought, and Ethan has Ray’s earrings.

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When Ray’s girlfriend, Rachel, opens the engagement ring on Christmas morning, he is shocked, and so is he. Vanessa (Shay Mitchell) loves the earrings Ray gave her, even if it wasn’t the gift he and her daughter chose. After supposedly contacting Tiffany about the problem, Ethan and Rachel meet to trade the items to make sure everyone gets the gift they were supposed to.

Sparks fly between the two, causing Rachel to question her relationship with Gary, despite apparently getting back together based on the trailer. Rachel’s friend Terri (Jojo T. Gibbs) is convinced they get along, but Rachel ignores her friend and focuses instead on her relationship with Gary.

While the two should never see each other again – the city is packed with over eight million people after all – Ethan stumbles across the bakery where he works. Could the two find their soul mate due to a salesman’s accident, or will they realize that their current relationships are the ones they are meant to be?

Something from Tiffany’s: The Cast

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Zoey Deutch is Rachel Meyer, a young woman who is surprised when she unwraps an engagement ring from her boyfriend. The actress is known for her work in Not well, Zombieland: Double TapY The politician. Kendrick Sampson is Ethan Greene, the gentleman who wanted to propose to his girlfriend for Christmas. Sampson is recognizable from his roles in the vampires’ diaries, How to get away from murderY Insecure.

Ray Nicholson is Gary Wilson, Rachel’s boyfriend, who intended to give her earrings. The actor’s work includes liquorice pizza Y promising young woman. Ethan’s girlfriend, Vanessa, is played by Shay Mitchell. She is easily recognizable for her role as Emily in pretty Little LiarsMitchell is also known for Netflix You, Doll faceY Hannah Grace’s possession.

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Additional cast members include Leah Jeffries (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) as Daisy, Jojo T. Gibbs (New, Twenty years) as Terri, Javicia Leslie (batwoman, always a bridesmaid) as Sophia, Chido Nwokocha (Top Gun: Maverick, sisters) as Brian Harrison, Stephanie Shepherd as a sales clerk at Tiffany’s and Michael Roark (The Young and the Restless) as David.

Release date

The film will be available to stream starting December 9, 2022.

everything else we know

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The film is an adaptation of a book of the same name by Melissa Hill. Unlike many other projects produced by Hello Sunshine, Something from Tiffany’s I wasn’t part of Reese Witherspoon’s book club. Based on the trailer, we can tell the movie took some artistic liberties with the source material, but the synopsis for the book also gives more details about the story that audiences will see on screen.

Both couples only visit New York City in the book about romantic vacation getaways. While it’s clear that Ethan and Vanessa don’t live in the town in the film, it’s not established where Gary and Rachel call home. Ethan knows that he wants to propose, while Gary has left the gift shopping at the last minute, so both men end up at Tiffany’s on Christmas Eve. Instead of earrings as the trailer shows, Gary buys a charm bracelet, another Tiffany staple.

In the book, Ethan is a single father to Daisy. He hopes to give her a whole family again by proposing to Vanessa. The trailer for the movie doesn’t clarify the nature of their relationship, but this will likely be further explored in the movie.

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