Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: How to get Gengar

How to get Gengar in scarlet and violet
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How to get Gengar in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet it’s easier than you might think, especially if you’re used to previous Pokemon games and the tricks a particular NPC played.

This guide explains how to quickly add Gengar to your Paldaen Pokédex and whether or not the ghostly favorite still deserves a spot on your team.

How to get Gengar in scarlet and violet

Normally you can only get Gengar by trading Haunter, which evolves as soon as the trade is complete, and in hopes that your trading partner will be kind enough to send back your lovely new Ghost-type friend.

However, Scarlet and Violet include a NPC in the city of Levincia, in front of the battlefield, who wants a pincurchin and will give you Haunter in return.

Trade Haunter in Scarlet and Violet
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Unlike Mindy’s Haunter in Diamond and Pearl, this Haunter does not have an Eternal Stone, an anti-evolution stone. That means it will evolve as soon as the trade is complete, giving you a free Gengar without the hassle of a wireless trade, and fixing a historic bug for Pokemon veterans!

Levincia is where you end up for your third gym battle (if you follow the recommended gym order), but you can get there pretty early if you want that quick Gengar. Head north from Artazon and follow the river east until you see this location pictured below.

Get Gengar Early in Scarlet and Violet
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Ride your Koraidon or Miraidon and jump over the river to the sandbar. Then head north to Levincia and its beaches.

How to get Pincurchin

Where to find Pincurchin
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Pincurchin spawn in some areas, but the easiest way to get one for this trade is by combing the beaches near Levincia, in Area Two of the Eastern Province. They are quite rare, so you may have to leave and come back several times.

Most of the wild Pokémon in this area are around level 20. Be sure to bring a Pokemon of a similar or slightly lower level, and consider using False Swipe to avoid accidentally KOing your Pincurchin.

Gengar is good?

Gengar remains one of the strongest special attackers in the series, with an astonishing base special attack stat of 130 and a high speed of 110.

That, plus access to moves like Shadow Ball, Toxic, and Hex, make Gengar a powerful force on any team, as long as you’re not up against dark types or other ghost types. Gengar’s low defense makes it quite fragile.

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