Portland Winterhawks at Seattle Thunderbirds: Preview, Updates, Chat, How to Listen and Watch the Stream

What: The Portland Winterhawks (17-1-1-1) take on the Seattle Thunderbirds (14-3-1) in Western Hockey League action.

When: Friday November 25, 7 p.m.

Where: Showare Center, Kent, Washington.

Clock: You can stream the game via CHL TV pay-per-view (US$6.10 for a game).

Listen: Winterhawks and Thunderbirds audio.

To follow:

  • The score box.
  • Get updates and chat before, during and after the game.

The Winterhawks put in a gritty performance in Everett on Wednesday night, winning 5-2 after an already thin lineup lost two of its best players on short notice. Robbie Fromm-Delorme and Jack O’Brien both fell ill, and a group of Portland forwards that had already needed to call up two starting players was again depleted. They made it work by playing defensemen forward (Josh Mori had a stellar game) and Gabe Klassen along with linemates James Stefan and Aidan Litke did much of the heavy lifting. Four Winterhawks went ahead with 2 points and Dante Giannuzzi saved 22 of 24.

Friday’s game with Seattle was going to be tough anyway, as Portland looks for its 10th straight win. The challenge becomes even more difficult depending on whether Fromm-Delorme and O’Brien have recovered and whether any of their teammates join them with the flu. The Winterhawks’ 20-game streak of outscoring their opponents (actually 21 if you count Game 7 of the playoffs against Seattle last season) is in jeopardy.

twenty 11-Robbie Fromm-Delorme (212 games)
19 92-Jack O’Brien (159)
13-James Stefan (152)
16-Gabe Klassen (144)
9-Aidan Little (95)
67-Dawson Pasternak (54)
18 19-Kyle Chyzowski (117)
72-Marcus Nguyen (113)
77-Lucas Schelter (96)
17 28 – Josh Zakreski (36)
93-Nicholas Johnson (20)
20-Aiden Jacks (7)
sixteen 90-Diego Buttazzoni (14)
12-Cole Cairns (1)
29-Hudson Darby (1)

Who will be back and how healthy will they be? We have no idea.

We know that Schelter, Chyzowski and Buttazzoni are likely to be out with injury.

Litke is on a 9-game point streak, all won by Portland. O’Brien is on a 9 game streak, Fromm-Delorme 6 if they can play. Nguyen is on a 4 game streak.

Cairns and Darby made their league debut on Wednesday.

Leading forward: Fromm-Delorme (30 points/19 games), Klassen (21/16), Stefan (20/18), O’Brien (20/19), Chyzowski (18/18)

19 6-Ryan McCleary (110)
18 73-Luca Cagnoni (104)
43-Ryder Thompson (100)
26-Marek Alscher (90)
2-Josh Mori (60)
17 59-Carter Sotheran (20)
14-Rhett Ravndahl (5)
sixteen 91-Alex Thompson (10)

This unit took a big step forward Wednesday, especially Cagnoni, who has a big impact in Portland to keep possession.

Main defenses: Cagnoni (20/20), Sotheran (12/20), McCleary (11/18).

twenty 74-Dante Giannuzzi (81)
18 31-jan Špunar (8)

Giannuzzi has taken it to .900 with a hot streak. He will probably start Friday with Špunar on Sunday in Vancouver.

Save percentages: Giannuzzi .900, Špunar .889.

The Thunderbirds will come into this one with revenge on their minds against a presumably weakened Winterhawks team, following Portland’s two wins over them earlier in the month. They will be much stronger. Jared Davidson, sixth in the league in points per game, missed both games and will return. They will also have defenseman Nolan Allan, a first-round NHL pick whom they acquired on November 16 for 3 players and 6 draft picks(!) They thought they would have NHL third-round defenseman Luke Prokop, who they acquired a few weeks before and then he came to them from the professionals, but he hurt himself and it is week by week.

Since Portland’s losses, they have won 4 of 5 and the loss was an overtime loss to Calgary. Kyle Crnkovic broke a 2-2 tie midway through the second and Reid Schaefer added an empty net goal. Davidson scored his first two of the game.

twenty 61-Kyle Crnkovic (243)
29-Jared Davidson (236)
19 47-Lucas Ciona (173)
18-Sam Popowich (137)
24-Reid Schaefer (133)
15-Mekai Sanders (110)
18 7-Jordan Gustafson (124)
26-Nico Myatovic (122)
39-Ty Hurley (48)
17 23-Ethan Mittelsteadt (27)
9-Coster Dunn (23)
59 – Gracyn Sawchyn (18)
sixteen 17-Tij Iginla (14)

They traded off quite a bit of their depth in the Allan trade, so they’re adjusting to that a bit.

NHL draftees: Schaefer (1st round in Edmonton), Gustafson (3rd round in Las Vegas), Davidson (5th round in Montreal), Cions (6th round in Calgary).

Leading forward: Davidson (25/14), Ciona (23/17), Schaefer (21/17), Crnkovic (21/18), Sawchyn (19/18).

twenty 6-Lucas Prokop (241)
19 2-Nolan Allan (169)
4-Jeremy Hanzel (129)
18 14-Kevin Korchinski (132)
46-Kai Knak (5)
17 43-Mynio Sawyer (86)
3-Niko Tsakumis (22)
sixteen 8-Bryce Pickford (26)
5-Hyde Davidson (16)

With the Allan acquisition, they have two first-round Blackhawks like they already had under Korchinski. Prokop is a third rounder for Nashville, but he won’t play.

Main defenses: Korchinski (22/16), Hanzel (18/12), Allan (18/11), Mynio (18/11).

19 35-Thomas Milic (94)
17 33-Scott Ratzlaff (32)

Since mid-October, they’ve followed a pattern of two games for Milic followed by one game for Ratzlaff. Ratzlaff played on Wednesday, so it would be Milic’s turn.

Save percentages: Milic .906, Ratzlaff .910.

winter hawks thunderbirds Average
Record 17-1-1-1 14-3-1
goal difference +34 +31
goals/game 4.7 4.5 3.4
Goals allowed/match 3.0 2.8 3.4
power play 32.1% 18.8% 21.6%
death penalty 82.1% 78.6% 78.4%
Power plays for/game 4.1 4.7 4.4
Power plays against/game 4.2 4.7 4.4
beating opponents 20-0 13-4-1
after 1 period 11-4-5 8-6-4
after 2 periods 13-2-5 11-5-2
Scoring, last 10 games 50-27 32-29
Scoring, last 20 games 93-59 84-54
Total WHL Games 1809 2360

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