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MACON, Ga. (41NBC/WMGT) – Central Georgia will continue to see sunshine Tuesday afternoon before clouds return overnight ahead of thunderstorms early Wednesday.

Tuesday brings generally pleasant conditions to central Georgia as temperatures rise to peaks in the upper 50s and 60s. Winds will be fairly calm for much of the afternoon, however into the evening they will blow from the southeast at 5-10 mph. These winds will work to return as much moisture back into the atmosphere as possible before the storms arrive early tomorrow. Clouds are likely to begin moving into the region from the south/southwest during the afternoon hours today. Early cloud cover will be predominantly cirrus before thicker clouds return overnight. Low temperatures around central Georgia will be met before midnight tonight, bottoming out in the upper 40s. A warm front will push those temperatures back into the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Shower activity is likely to move into central Georgia from the southwest shortly after the calendar shifts to January 24-25. The winds will increase in speed as they move further south-southeast. Gusts at this point could reach near 30 mph. Temperatures are likely to be in the lower 50s with dew points in the upper 40s and lower 50s. Severe weather is highly unlikely at this point due to a lack of heat. However, temperatures will continue to rise as we move towards dawn. Shower activity is also likely to abate just before sunrise.

Another cold front will hit central Georgia on Wednesday morning, and the region is once again at risk of severe weather. The SPC has issued a level 2 “slight” risk for almost the entire region. The main threats will be strong straight-line winds and flash flooding. However, an isolated tornado cannot be ruled out.

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The storm line is forecast to reach the northwestern counties of Central Georgia sometime between 6 and 8 am tomorrow. For those counties, that difference in time doesn’t really have a major impact. Temperatures are likely to be in the upper 50s or lower 60s, regardless of whether the line arrives at 6 or 8 am. Winds during that time period will blow from the south-southwest with sustained speeds that could reach over 24 mph. Gusts could exceed 40 mph.

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The forecast gets a little tougher for the southeastern counties. The earlier the storm line arrives, the lesser the threat of severe weather. If the models leaning more toward 8 am arrival for northwestern counties are correct, it probably means a few hours later arrival for south/southeast counties. Temperatures would peak in the mid to upper 60s vs. the low to mid 60s as a result of a slower moving line. That could increase the serious threat in some of those areas.

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The rain should clear up from the southeast counties by dinnertime tomorrow. High temperatures around the region will largely be in the mid 60s, however for most of central Georgia that will likely be after the storms have passed. Once the line moves, winds will be out of the west-northwest at 8-15 mph. The low temperatures during the night will be between 30 and 40 degrees.

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