This Alaskan Mom Is Going Viral For Driving A Pup Bus, And Yes, Her Baby Is Coming Too

For some of us, having a baby means we feel confined to our scruffiest sweat on the couch, feeding and trying to nap for a few months. But Alaska’s mother and her husband Lee and Mo Thompson are intent on not letting her parenthood deter her from her travel and business goals. Enter: Mo Mountain Mutts, her dog-walking business.

Also known as the Alaskan Puppy Bus, Mo and her husband drive, picking up dogs from their homes and driveways to take them on adventures. Some eagerly await their arrival outside, ready to hit the Alaskan mountains and streams, trails and other outings into nature.

As moms, we can’t help but notice that she has her baby strapped to her back, happily chewing on the leashes, watching the dogs and excited to join her on the journey. She shows her mom life on the go on her viral Tik Toks, waiting for ferries in the mountains while the baby naps and bouncing him on a nature hike while she chews on a carrier.

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Moms everywhere are a little jealous of his groundbreaking career path, hanging out with babies and dogs all day, along with the adventures he goes on even in the early years of his parenthood. A mother comments on the video of her: “What an amazing job she has…and that adorable human baby and fur babies.” Another says, “That baby feels happiness and positivity on that bus.”

His business, Mo Mountain Mutts, has nearly 400,000 followers on Instagram, after his adorable dog videos and lifestyle hit the news cycle recently. The internet is enamored with dogs boarding one at a time, sniffing each other and finding their way to their seatbelt-equipped, on-leash seats and hopping along for the ride.

In one Instagram post, her baby girl chills in her backpack as she hands out dog treats to everyone on the bus, fully kitted out for the Alaskan weather in her puffy parka and hat. The bus is slightly warmer and much more conducive to traveling with a baby than her original mode of transportation: a bicycle. She told NPR: “I’ve been known in my community for a while, but not on the internet,” she said. “That took the bus.”

She uses the hashtag #travelingwithbabies often in her posts, signaling her willingness to take her baby everywhere she would have gone before. She’s proving naysayers that you can achieve your goals, even on the banks of an Alaskan river, and be a parent. She’s not alone: ​​Millennials have proven more willing to travel than others before them. Some 85% of parents plan to travel with kids next year, whether it’s a day trip to a local mountain like Thompsons, or an entire beach vacation.

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Experts have pointed out the benefits of traveling with babies, even from 6 months, even if you think they won’t remember it. These include added sensory experiences, improved language and even better performance in school, a parenting expert tells Travel and Leisure.

So grab one from Thompson’s book, strap that baby to your back, and head out on whatever adventures you want, work or play.