This Blockbuster Pop-Up Bar in Los Angeles is nostalgic AF

Blockbuster is back up and running in Los Angeles this November, thanks to an immersive retrospective experience at the limited-time Blockbuster Speakeasy pop-up bar. Inspired by the original video stores that reigned supreme in the early years before streaming services took over our home screens, this nostalgic experience for fans ages 21 and up will take you back in time. Starting in November, you can head to Melrose Ave and visit the themed Blockbuster Speakeasy, which will offer ‘gram-worthy sips and bites’ through February 2023.

What if you could transport yourself back in time to your fondest memories of browsing Blockbuster shelves and stocking up on snacks for a movie night at home? Well, this time, you can literally enter your favorite place from childhood, but this time you are over 21 years old. While the Blockbuster pop-up bar isn’t affiliated with the new Netflix original inspired by the franchise, it’s part of a Blockbuster cultural renaissance celebrating fond memories in the video store of decades past. Bucket Listers and New Gold Empire dreamed up the exciting attraction, complete with classic movie snacks, nostalgia-inspired tent décor and a fun menu of cocktails and mocktails to sip on. In short, the Blockbuster Speakeasy experience will take you to all your sentimental feelings with so many surprises in store.

Upon entering, visitors will be greeted with a drink ticket that looks like an old-fashioned Blockbuster membership card, which allows them to navigate the themed aisles after different liquors and cocktails inspired by quintessential ’90s and ’00s movies. Guests can grab a “video” from the rack and flip it over to read the “synopsis” of the drink’s ingredients, then head to the “checkout counter,” where a Blockbuster bartender will serve a special themed drink. You’ll likely enjoy the bar’s retro menu, featuring Gusher and Yoo Hoo cocktails, Zima, Vodka & Tab, Crystal Clear Pepsi, Orbitz, and more.

There’s also a menu of nostalgic food, including an “Adult Lunch” or Blockbuster Burger (with vegan options) served with “Rewind Please” truffle fries, plus a few sweet surprises. One of the best parts about going to Blockbuster when you were young was having an excuse to buy candy and movie snacks, and the Blockbuster Speakeasy has you covered. Finish off your retro meal with nostalgic desserts like a Dunkaroo Ice Cream sundae and a Friday Night Rice Krispie Fudge Brownie. You can even toast your own s’mores at the table, if that’s your vibe. And don’t worry, there’s also plenty of gourmet popcorn for movie night.

Courtesy of Wish Listers

The Blockbuster pop-up bar is located at 7174 Melrose Ave in Los Angeles and is open Wednesday through Sunday every week. Be sure to get tickets, which start at $19 for general admission and include an old fashioned cocktail, ahead of time. For an even more immersive experience, starting December 10, you can attend a special themed Blockbuster Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the month. This ticket starts at $45 per person, but comes with an entrée from the menu and a retro cocktail. Before you visit, be sure to check out this Instagram reel giving a full tour of the Blockbuster speakeasy to get an idea of ​​the best pop-up photography, as well as which cocktails and bites you can’t miss.

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