Warmer day since early November to bring slippery road conditions

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) – Thanks to a combination of warm winds and incoming air masses, temperatures in south central Alaska continue to warm.

For the first time since early November, temperatures hover in the 30s and 40s. While we did see a brief warming trend earlier in the year, Anchorage only managed to warm up to 38 degrees. As of Tuesday morning, temperatures have already risen to 39 in Anchorage and could climb a few more degrees during the day.

While some persistent areas of rain and snow will continue to fall in Southcentral through the first half of morning, most of it today will remain on the drier side. Breezy winds throughout the day will keep much of Anchorage and surrounding areas on the drier side, although for the northern parts of the Susitna Valley, snow is possible for most of the day.

With rising temperatures, we will see deteriorating road conditions throughout the day. The prolonged heat will not only result in slippery and icy roads, but it will also pose problems later this week when temperatures once again drop below freezing.

While we managed to stay dry for most of the day, another incoming low will move north into the Gulf of Alaska. This storm will have the most impact in terms of precipitation for both South Central and Southeast Alaska. While it will help reinforce the warm conditions, the afternoon highs through Thursday will remain in the 30s and upper 30s. As the area of ​​low pressure moves into the Gulf of Alaska, it will eventually build north into Prince William Sound. This will carry most of the precipitation through Prince William Sound and the Copper River Basin. Expect rain and snow, with most of the snow falling through the Copper River Basin north into the Alaska Range.

While Anchorage and surrounding areas won’t see as much precipitation overnight through Wednesday, we can still expect to see some isolated or scattered areas of winter mix through Wednesday afternoon. As the low dissipates as it moves inland, we will see some spikes in sunlight return as the week comes to a close.

The Southeast will continue to maintain humid and warm conditions through Thursday, before calmer weather returns to the region.

For both the Southcentral and the Southeast, things settle down into the weekend, with highs dipping back below freezing.

Be careful on the roads and have a wonderful Tuesday!